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Greetings from Brian Vianzon (Founder),


I started collecting vinyl records in 1996 and didn’t restrict my collection to Hip-Hop and Pop Music. Digging through crates and digital music is still a passion of mine. My diverse collection allows me to take a blank canvas, ask the right questions to get the spectrum of artists and genres, then paint the perfect picture for any event. I read the crowd, catering and finessing my track selection to be organic and natural to keep everyone engaged.


My passion for music and dance started as a teenager, listening to eclectic music from my parents; The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Michael Jackson, Disco and Ballroom Music (I acquired my parents passion for dancing). Fast forward to college, I expanded into Underground Hip-Hop and Electronic Dance Music. My typical party blend incorporates Mainstream music with Hip-Hop and Pop from the 80s/90s, Classic Rock, Disco/Funk and any other genre(s) that complements the event.


My passion for dance stems from my appreciation and emulation of Michael Jackson, David Elsewhere, Salah, and Marquese Scott (Nonstop). When appropriate, I entertain some of my dance style to keep the crowd going.


Technology and Innovation

I’m an IT Professional (Systems Administrator) with a great passion for technology and a niche in Cybersecurity (see redactlabs.info). I started blending passion for technology with DJ Systems (Real-Time music requests via Twitter @_mixedgoods integrated with Slack).

MixedGoods provides services driven by energy and expertise in making events entertaining and memorable.
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Brian Vianzon




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